GMC 4x4 Toy Series

GMC4x4 is the newest and fastest growing Chevy/GMC Truck site on the planet! They have a very talented and passionate community with numerous local events, contests and giveaways.

The challenge was to create a mascot (both physical and digital) for the brand, one that would really related to the active users of the forums, mechanics who are passionate about their machines.

I worked with the owner through the process and defined a look for the character based on initial sketches. I started to sculpt the original from scratch, creating a wireframe for the bones and using Super Sculpey (a mix of original and firm) as my sculpting clay.

After finishing the original sculpture, I created a two part mold using Smooth On silicone rubber and created urethane resin copies from it. Because of the amount of details of Gmac, all copies had to be restored in order to maintain quality across. Each was painted by hand using acrylics, wired with copper and weathered using ashes to make sure Gmac was an authentic mechanic.

The last part was packaging, the box sleeve is completely design, on one side, a close up photo of Gmac - The Ultimate Mechanic, on the other, the final illustration of the character. Inside the box there's a small story card about the character and a signed certificate of authenticity.

Project Includes

Mold Making
Packaging Design
Art Direction

Gmac front view gmac process

It was a pleasure working with Andres throughout this process. From idea inception through production, Andres was a true and trusted partner with exceptional abilities.  The first project Andres worked on with my company was unique within our industry. He guided us through the process, remained flexible and executed flawlessly on our vision. Everything from the design, physical product delivery, packaging and unique value-adds he inspired, all culminated in a truly incredible product. We consider Andres a trusted partner to our organization and are excited to continue working with him on our current and future projects.

Craig Spargimino, Owner of
gmac details gmac illustration